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Semi Permanent Make Up


£ 230 Included 4-8 weeks retouch

The most natural effect. In this method we do full or partial reconstruction to make new eyebrows looks as perfect fine single hair line. Manual method where we use special microblading pen to aplaying ink into your brow skin.

2-3 H

Microblading + Shading

£ 280 Incuded 4-8 weeks retouch

Connection of two techniques – manual macroblading + machine technique to get more intensive effect on the ends of eyebrows. Brows looks more visible also get 3D effect.

2-3 H

Ombre Brows

£ 250 Included 4-8 weeks retouch

The most frequently chosen treatment in our salon. In machine technique we aplaying to many soft layers looks like spilled powder. Begginings of brows are light and declicate , further pigmentation is more intense creating the transition effect -mean ombre effect.

2-3 H

Eyeliner top

£ 200 Included 4-8 weeks retouch

You can choose between effect of classic fine pure black eyeliner along the eyelashes line or making a fine line thickening eyelashes. Emphasizes the look and save your time with daily make up.

2 H

Eyeliner bottom

£ 80 Included 4-8 weeks retouch

Complementary treatment to the upper line. Guarantees optical magnification of the eye and thickening of the lower eyelashes line.

1 H

Eyeliner top+ bottom

£ 250 Included 4-8 weeks retouch

Book appoitment for two lines and get better price!

2 H


£ 260 Included 4-8 weeks retouch

Get the beauty out of the womans weapon – Lips ! Sensual, full with preety colour on ! Ombre, 3 D , aquarelle lips or contour with filling? All are beautiful !

2-3 H