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Eyelash Extensions



£ 50

Individual eyelash extensions is the most basic method . Highly recommended for lovers of natural and simply look. Also an excellent solution for begginers who wants to try get lashes done for first time. The procedure consists of attaching one single synthetic lash to one natural eyelash. That is why individual method has a name ,,1:1”. What is the final effect? Longer, darker and lovely curly eyelashes !


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£ 55

2-3D lashes belongs to light volume methods. From here we start applying a lash fans , which are always handmade by your lash stylist . While attaching more fans , we achieve more visible and fluffy effect compared to individual method . It’s great choice between - not to simple , but also not to much 🙂

2-2.5 HOURS

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Russian Volume


Russian Volumes are designed for everyone who wants to get a darker, fuller,dense and really fluffy look! For each natural lashes we attach 4-10 lashes , depends of final look what we wanna create. Effects before and after make an amazing impression and completely change the apperance of your eyes. The most popular teratment in our salon. Do you wanna try?

2.5 - 3 HOURS

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Hollywood Effect

£ 85

Nothing much to describe - Hollywood Effect makes you say ,, Wow!” as looks like a million lashes. Really dark , thick and dramatic look . Perfect treatment for a speciall ocassions like weddings, birthdays parties, concerts, photo sessions. Attention: Treatmeant is not for everyone. Natural lashes are must be in perfect, healty condition. Because Hollywood effect it is a really heavy stylisation we apply new set only once!

3- 4 HOURS

Glammy mess


Kim Effect ,Spiky Effect , Glammy Effect- that one effect has so many names , but idea is still same - irregular lash line . In this method we focus on longer spikes . It is our decision and creativity how many and what colour we will use to create unusual look 🙂 In last time really popular and hot trend ! Why not to try something new ?


[nd_options_list_infills nd_options_title=”Infill up to 3 weeks” nd_options_price=”£ 38-42″]
[nd_options_list_infills nd_options_title=”Eyelashes Remove” nd_options_price=”£ 15-25″]